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What Are the Best Kombucha Flavors?

What Are the Best Kombucha Flavors?

One of the best things about kombucha is the variety of flavors available. From exotic fruit and tea flavors to refreshing watermelon or strawberry lemonade, there’s a kombucha flavor for you. But what are the five best flavor combinations we’ve found? If you are looking for a simple list of the best, then look no further. Here are six great tasting, benefit-packed, natural kombucha flavor combinations that you should certainly try out!

Mango Kombucha
Koe Mango is one of our best sellers because it has the gorgeous flavor of a sweet, ripe, mango. Mango is the most commonly consumed fruit on the planet for a reason - it’s smooth and inviting - and there’s nothing else like it! The peachy-orange color of Koe Mango looks pretty when poured into a glass, but this flavor isn’t fussy, so it’s also great straight from the can. If you’re in the mood for a garnish, try it with fresh mango garnish for an extra boost of potassium and magnesium.

Strawberry Lemonade Kombucha
Strawberry Lemonade is a crowd favorite! The ripe flavor of strawberries blends perfectly with the fresh taste of real lemons and a touch of sweetness. Plus Koe Strawberry Lemonade is packed with live probiotics and organic acids that you can’t find in any regular old lemonade. With only 5g sugar and 25 calories, Koe Strawberry Lemonade contains about 75% less sugar and calories than traditional strawberry lemonade, too.

Watermelon Kombucha
Does any flavor say summer more than juicy watermelon? We think not. This is a fun, sweet, fresh flavor with just a hint of lime to keep your taste buds excited. You might be surprised this drink is good for you – it’s USDA Organic, packed with billions of probiotics and 260% of the RDA of vitamin-C. It’s perfect anytime you want a healthy drink that’s nowhere near boring.

Blueberry Ginger Kombucha
Ginger lovers – this one is for you! While Ginger is a classic kombucha flavor, the addition of blueberries bring a smooth and satisfying balance to the bold, ginger taste. Unlike most ginger ales, which use artificial ginger flavoring with no health benefits, and ginger beers – which are typically loaded with sugar, Koe blueberry ginger kombucha gets its flavor from organic ginger juice and has just 5g sugar and 25 calories per serving. So switch it up and sip the power of probiotics while you’re at it.

Tropical Kombucha
Get ready for a vacation in a can! This trio of pineapple, guava and orange just might transport you to the tropics… even if you’re just sitting at your desk. It tastes fresh and lively and might cause you to picture yourself with your toes in the sand, gazing into an aqua ocean. If you’ve ever had Hawaii’s famous POG juice, Koe Tropical has a similar flavor, although Koe has far less sugar and calories and has the added benefit of billions of probiotics and vitamin C. Sipping a healthy drink just got a lot more delicious.

Raspberry Dragon Fruit Kombucha
Koe’s Raspberry Dragonfruit is a delicious, naturally flavored kombucha that’s similar to a fruit punch, but not too sweet. The tangy and refreshing taste of raspberries mixes well with the sweet and slightly exotic taste of dragon fruit. Additionally, the color of this combination is beautiful! It’s a beautiful light pink color, and when poured over ice, looks incredibly aesthetic and delicious to drink on a hot day! Try it straight from the can or garnish with extra raspberries for antioxidants or dragon fruit for dietary fiber.

This list of the best kombucha flavors will hopefully help narrow down you list of options to try this season. All of the choices taste natural, fresh, delicious, and better-for-you than soda, plain juice, energy drinks and unnatural fruit drinks. Enjoy tasting the kombucha rainbow this summer and drop a line on our contact form or DM us on Instagram to let us know what you think.

-The Koe Team

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