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Kombucha for Upset Stomach – Does Kombucha Help with Digestion?

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Kombucha for Upset Stomach – Does Kombucha Help with Digestion?

We’ve all been there before with that uncomfortable feeling in our stomach. Maybe we ate too much. Perhaps we ate too little. Whatever the case may be, having an upset stomach is not fun at all. It can really put a damper on the mood and create an experience that is unpleasant. No one wants to be plagued with frequent stomach aches, since over time they can really affect your day-to-day activities. Taking medication to relieve stomachaches when it happens can be helpful, but for some people who experience frequent upset stomach, taking medication unfortunately will not prevent more stomach pain. For that reason, it may be beneficial to some people to seek an alternative that can prevent stomach pain before it happens. Alternatives such as kombucha may be able to help! Here’s how!

What Does Kombucha Do for the Stomach?

Kombucha is known for being a probiotic beverage. Probiotics are helpful for aiding in digestion. Probiotics help to promote good bacteria within the gut. Stomach aches and bloating can often be due to poor digestion. If your gut is not healthy, then that means you are full of bad bacteria. When you eat any meal, regardless of how healthy or unhealthy it is, your stomach will begin to produce an uncomfortable sensation. If you fill your stomach with more good bacteria, then it can help to outnumber the bad bacteria, ensuring that your stomach can digest even better. As your digestion improves, you will be able to avoid those uncomfortable stomach aches, bloating etc. In fact, studies have been done that show a link between increased probiotic consumption and reduced inflammation in the gut, resulting in not only stomach relief, but reduced symptoms of IBS such as constipation, diarrhea, and bloating. It is important to note that this study did focus on probiotic supplements and not probiotic-rich food, but the results still demonstrate the ways in which probiotics can provide relief for the stomach. It is also important to note that kombucha can help with preventing bloating and painful stomach aches over time, through the increased consumption of probiotics, but it is not a treatment for stomach pain that is already there. If you are already experiencing bloating or stomach aches, then it may be ready to reach for medication that can provide relief.

How to Properly Drink Kombucha for an Upset Stomach?

One major thing you don’t want to do when getting into kombucha, is to drink too much kombucha in hopes that it will improve your gut faster. Kombucha is definitely a drink that can be quite heavy for the gut, the first few times around. It can hurt your stomach fast, if you drink too much or go overboard. If you are getting into kombucha for the first time, then first ease yourself into drinking it. Drink about 4 ounces once per day. Perhaps after a few days, opt for 6 ounces once per day, then 8 ounces after that. Make sure to note that if you are experiencing any nausea or slight bloating during this process, that is completely normal since your body is acclimating. Also, when drinking higher than 4 ounces, try to space your kombucha consumption throughout the day. Don’t gulp it all down at once. Take casual sips throughout the day. Over time, you can increase your consumption to 12 ounces, as long as you are not experiencing symptoms. With casual consumption of kombucha, over time, your stomach pains and bloating may go away and become more infrequent! If so, then this may be a sign that your body needs more good bacteria in the gut. So, go ahead, try it for yourself and see if kombucha is what you need to heal your gut!