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It’s kombucha, only better.

Koe brings you better fruit flavor, better health benefits, and better ingredients.

Healthy Never Tasted So Good

Bursting with real fruit flavor and no sour vinegar taste. Koe is a good-for-you drink that just happens to be kombucha.

for a healthy gut

for a healthy you

*probiotics and vitamin-C help support a healthy immune system

for pure enjoyment

Koe is Kombucha Without the Weird

We loved the benefits of kombucha, but hated the taste and strange mystery textures in the traditional stuff. So we rallied in sunny southern California and made a better option. Koe is for dreamers, doers and adventurers who deserve BETTER!

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The reviews are in

“Tastes like a cross between fruit nectar and seltzer and has less of the vinegary tang that many bottled store bought kombuchas have.”

“Some kombucha has a vinegar taste many don’t like. This isn’t the case with KOE. It’s fresh, low in calories and tasty.” 

"I had read about the supposed health benefits of kombucha, but had never tried it. For some reason, I had it in my head that it would taste kind of “funky.” Wrong! Koe actually tastes great!"

"I've tried a lot of Kombuchas and let me tell you nothing compares to this product. There is no bad after taste, in fact that is one thing I love most about this drink. The flavors are so refreshing and light."

"Really like this product for it’s flavor and health benefits.” 

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